Homework & community language school

Why Homework & community language?

  • For children: they engage more in class, respond to teachers’ questions, and participate as equals.
  • For parents: they are able to be involved in their children’s learning, support teachers and take part in other school activities.
  • For marginalised communities: they can retain their own linguistic and cultural identities while proactively engaging with dominant wider cultures.
  • For learning: better academic results overall, lower dropout rates, and higher fluency levels in both the learner’s first language and other official language(s).
  • For the system: better learning means more efficient use of resources, resulting in savings in time (teachers and administrators) and money over the mid/long-term.
  • For livelihoods: real learning and better language skills means more access to job opportunities and more peaceful communities.
  • other benefits: personal, cultural and language development as well as

The spread of Dinka speakers in Australian States (2016, census)

The percentage of Dinkas among Sudan-born individuals in Australia.

Homework club subjects







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