Mr. Peter Makuei

Founder & President, SALBAGOSS Inc

Peter holds Bachelor of Business Administration (BBAD) and postgraduae from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and four Diplomas in different fields from TAFE Queensland. He holds a postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Business from USQ.  

Mr. Philip Ayom

Founder & Secretary, SALBAGOSS Inc.

Philip holds Bachelor of Biomedical Science (2006) from UQ, Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science from QUT (2012) and Master of Medical Radiation Science from CSU (2017). He is a community leader and a Radiographer by profession.

Mr. Gabriel Garang Pioth

Founder & Treasurer, SALBAGOSS INC

Mr. Pioth holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with honours (BBMS (Hons) and Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Medicine from USQ. He also holds a Master of Medical Science (Specialising in Pathology) from CSU. He is current job title is a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Mr. William Akon Deng

Teacher, PRO & Marketing, SALBAGOSS Inc

Mr. Deng has been a teacher of Dinka language and culture for over 23 years. He is currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in System Development at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Jacob Agoot Mach

Deputy Principal of Dinka LS

Mr. Jacob Agoot Mach is a Dinka language teacher. He has various qualifications in Theology and Early Childhood Education.

Mr. Santo Bukec

Principal of Dinka LS

Mr. Santo Bukec Bak has been teaching Dinka Language and culture for over 25 years. He is currently the chair of the Dinka Language and Culture Development Centre at the Shiloh Church, Queensland Australia.

Mr. Paul Pakaa

Teacher/Dinka LS administrator Officer

Paul Pakaa holds a Diploma of Business Administration and Diploma of Business from Evocca College. He also holds a Diploma of Management from Evocca College and an Advanced Diploma of Management from Sunshine College, Melbourne, Vic, and Certificate II & III Aviation from Asset College Brisbane. He is a teacher. Mr. Pakaa has been the administrator of Dinka Congregation and Youth leader in Ipswich for many years.

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